Villa L`infinito

A perfect location to experience a stay between relaxation and beauty in the heart of Circeo. The maximum comfort in a villa for rent allows you to spend a stay in San Felice Circeo or organize a special event.

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Via del faro 17 zona faro San Felice Circeo

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Villa L'infinito - San Felice Circeo

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In circeo: a villa for rent for perfect holidays

Even if it’s always the right time for a holiday, sometimes it’s hard to choose where to go and how to plan a vacation. In this case, renting a villa in Circeo may be a solution.

Sometimes there is no need to go far from the capital to enjoy a weekend by the sea.  San Felice Circeo is only 100 km away from Rome, close to Gaeta and Terracina.  Spending your vacations in Circeo in a private luxury villa is the best way to discover the area with its most suggestive places, while enjoying comfort and privacy.

Villa l’Infinito offers its gorgeous location on the top of Circeo promontory for a perfect holiday of wellbeing and relax.

Among many places in the vicinity of Rome, San Felice Circeo seems to be one of the most popular among the locals. The reason is its strategic position, in the province of Latina, where sea caves and sand beaches open up the view along the southern coast of the Circeo promontory.

From the window of Villa L’infinito you may admire the Lazio coast, the Pontine islands, Ischia and Vesuvius.

How to spend a holiday in villa l’infinito?

The beauty of a holiday in Villa L’infinito in Circeo allows you to relax in privacy and discover the area.  You may spend lovely days strolling in the streets of San Felice Circeo, or let yourself be carried away by the history of the place, between churches and Cyclopean walls. There is a whole magic that surrounds San Felice Circeo: its legends and mythology, its nature and its unique Mediterranean landscapes.

And, after having discovered all the most characteristic views of San Felice, you can return to Villa L’infinito and enjoy luxury and comfort. That’s an excellent opportunity to spend a romantic weekend, have a night swim and enjoy the Spa. But also a good solution to enjoy happy and peaceful days with a group of friends, between walks in the garden and breathtaking views. So close to the Italian capital, Villa L’Infinito is the perfect spot to discover new places without giving up on perfect well-being.

You can spend a weekend dedicated to art, history, the sea and relaxation while staying in the same place, which is why choosing to spend your holidays in Circeo allows you to do everything … without giving up nothing.

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